A Card for Who?

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“What are you doing?”

A look of baffled confusion washed over Hyacinth’s face as she entered the room. Topaz was sitting on the floor, writing something on a folded piece of paper. The confusing part was the absolute mess she had made, with construction paper, markers, fabric scraps, glitter, drops of melted wax, and glue absolutely everywhere, including all over Topaz.

“Hey, Hyacinth! I’m making Valentine’s cards for our classmates!”

“Like the ones we used to make when we were kits?”

“Yes, exactly!”

“Why make them now of all times? You didn’t make any last year.”

“Well, maybe it was just me feeling a bit nostalgic, but I really wanted to do it again after not making any in years. Plus, it’s really fun! You should try it!”

Hyacinth hummed in response. Maybe it would be a bit awkward if her sister showed up with a stack of pawmade crafts, while she came with nothing. There was a bit of a problem, though.

“Topaz, you know I don’t know everyone in class like you do. There’s no way I could write everybody a personalized message, and I don’t think generic statements would fit with something like this.”

Hyacinth was pretty introverted and only talked with other classmates occasionally. It’s not like she hated them, she just liked keeping to herself. For most of them, she didn’t consider them friends, just acquaintances. 

“No one’s forcing you to make cards for the whole class. Just do your friends, then!”

“Isn’t the whole point of this to give one to everyone?” Hyacinth emphasized her point by gesturing to a large stack of cards that Topaz had already finished. She could count at least 20 cards already.

Topaz opened her mouth to protest but stopped before she could speak. Hyacinth did have a point. Then, her eyes lit up as she gasped. 

“I got an idea! What about everyone in Drama Club? You know everyone there!” She suggested.

“That’s true, but wouldn’t it be awkward for someone who’s not even part of the club to do that?”

“You are part of the club! The tech team is just as important as the actors in a production!”

Hyacinth paused for a moment.

“Alright. That should be easy enough, then.”

“That’s the spirit!” Topaz perked up.

Hyacinth collected some scattered cardstock, a few markers, some scissors and a stick of glue in her arms. This should be enough, she thought.

“I’m going to my room. Just… clean this up when you’re done, ok?” With parting words, Hyacinth turned out of the room and towards her own. Once inside, she dumped the collection of materials onto the floor and sat down with them. Hyacinth’s head racked as she made a mental list of who would get a card.

Okay, all of Drama Club, then a few more. Would 8-Bit be mad if Analog and Juliet got one, but he didn’t? Maybe I’ll do it for him too. I should make one for Topaz, she’s going to make one for me. Then one for Sapphire. What about our parents? Hmmm. Maybe.  Anyone else?

Trying to think of the next logical cat on her mental list, she scratched her chin. Surely she could think of at least one more cat…

The thought popped into her mind.

Oh! What about Zephyr and his band? They ask me to set the stage lights up for them all the time. That’s perfect.

There was only one problem.

But wait… who’s the bass player again? I don’t even remember their name… I can’t just give one to three of them and completely leave out the fourth. That would be horrible.

Still, it felt wrong to not do anything for them. Hyacinth did appreciate them always coming to her for help. At least that meant they weren’t practicing in their dorm rooms. At least that meant Ghost and Blaze weren’t shaking the walls as they played their instruments the next dorm over from hers. At least that meant she could talk to Blaze more. At least that meant she could set the lights up on the stage so that it perfectly reflected on Blaze’s spacedust so it would look even more colourful. At least…

Hold on a moment…

Why were thoughts about the whole band turning into thoughts about just one of its members?

And what exactly was that last one again?

…What about one just for Blaze? 

Hyacinth deeply considered it for a moment, paw reaching out for a marker to begin writing one. A strange feeling began to rise within her.

Hyacinth concluded it was doubt.

No… I can’t… Not now… I guess I’ll just skip them all… 

A Card for Who?
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